Education Resources and Research

document Bicycling and Walking in North Carolina, A Long Range Transportation Plan, North Carolina Department of Transportation
The North Carolina pedestrian plan builds upon the state's long-range transportation plan, elaborating on the goals, focus areas, and programming specific to walking. ...more >
document North Carolina: Planning and Designing Local Pedestrian Facilities, North Carolina Department of Transportation
The Local Pedestrian Facilities manual provides suggestions and guidelines for local planners and traffic engineers to increase pedestrian safety and friendliness. ...more >
document Washington: Pedestrian Facilities Guidebook, Washington State Department of Transportation
The purpose of the Pedestrian Facilities Guidebook is to assist various agencies and organizations in pedestrian planning and encourage good design practices when developing these spaces. ...more >
web Pennsylvania: Pedestrian Planning and Design Guidelines, Pennsylvania Department of Transportation
The Pedestrian Planning and Design Guidelines is one part of Statewide Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan for Pennsylvania. The design guidelines focus on best practices for sidewalks, intersections, ...more >
document District of Columbia Traffic Calming Policies and Guidelines, District Department of Transportation
To reduce the negative impact of motor vehicle use and ensure overall safety, the District of Columbia Traffic Calming Policies and Guidelines provide a process for involving the public in implementing traffic calming measures. ...more >
document Idaho Bicycle and Pedestrian Transportation Plan, Idaho Transportation Department
This document serves as a first step in establishing a statewide vision and comprehensive approach to pedestrian transportation planning. ...more >
document Wisconsin Pedestrian Policy Plan 2020, Wisconsin Department of Transportation
The Pedestrian Plan provides a basic description of existing and emerging pedestrian needs over the next 20 years, with a set of recommendations to meet those needs. The Wisconsin Department of Transportaion' ...more >
web Denver, CO: Pedestrian Master Plan, City and County of Denver
The plan establishes a city-wide pedestrian network. It uses a detailed development process that incorporates existing conditions assessment, existing plans, GIS studies, public involvement, and policy review. ...more >
document Marina, CA Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan, Local Government Commission
This plan contains a clear outline and discussion of goals and action strategies. It offers a comprehensive street inventory and assessment of deficiencies. ...more >
web City of Cambridge, MA Environmental and Transportation Division, City of Cambridge
The City of Cambridge's pedestrian program works to improve walking conditions in the city through engineering improvements, promotional activities, and educational project. ...more >