Education Resources and Research

document Promoting Pedestrian and Bicyclist Safety to Hispanic Audiences, Federal Highway Administration
This marketing plan, which uses available reference materials and additional research in the form of focus group session results, showcases a strategy for marketing pedestrian and bicycle safety issues/ ...more >
web Pedestrian Forum newsletter, Federal Highway Administration
A quarterly newsletter focusing on topics on how to improve conditions for bicycling and walking and to make them safer ways to travel. ...more >
document Reducing Childhood Pedestrian Injuries: Proceedings of a Multidisciplinary Conference, National Center for Injury Prevention and Control
This document is the report of a two-day conference of intense discussion about child pedestrian safety. It features position papers prepared in advance, as well as an expert's formal response at the meeting and the questions and answers that followed. ...more >
document The Effects of NO TURN ON RED / YIELD TO PEDS Variable Message Signs on Motorist and Pedestrian Behavior, Highway Safety Research Center, Florida Department of Transportation
This report evaluates the effects of variable message signs in Orlando, Florida, on motorist and pedestrian behavior. ...more >
document Seguridad del Peaton, National Safe Kids Campaign
This Spanish-language checklist provides a list of topics parents should cover when instructing children regarding pedestrian safety. ...more >
document How to Engage Low-Literacy and Limited-English-Proficiency Populations in Transportation Decisionmaking, Federal Highway Administration
This report documents "best practices" in identifying and engaging low-literacy and limited-English-proficiency populations in transportation decisionmaking. ...more >
document How Well Can Child Pedestrians Estimate Potential Traffic Hazards?, Transportation Research Board
The objective of the paper was to assess the perception skills and visual cues of school children in two schools where at least 50 percent of the school children walk to and from school. This resource can be purchased through the Transportation Research Board, ...more >
document A Walkable Community Brochure, Federal Highway Administration
This brochure is intended for safety practitioners, advocates, and other special road users who want to create "walkable/bikable" communities. ...more >
document Driver Attitudes and Behaviors at Intersections and Potential Effectiveness of Engineering Countermeasures, Battelle Human Factors Transportation Center, Federal Highway Administration
The objective of this focus group study was to identify driver attitudes and behaviors related to intersection safety and to assess the likely impacts of new or existing infrastructure-based technologies/ ...more >
document Human Factors Literature Reviews on Intersections, Speed Management, Pedestrians and Bicyclists, and Visibility,
The report is a comprehensive and easy-to-use resource that summarizes the knowledge and practices that are relevant to human cognition, perception, and behavior in the areas of intersections, speed management, ...more >