Education Resources and Research

document Maryland Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Education Program Administrator's Guide, City of Rockville Department of Recreation and Parks
This Administrator's Guide contains information about why pedestrian and bicycle safety is important, the relevance of each lesson, and the Maryland Learner Outcomes that children will achieve through the lessons. ...more >
document New Jersey: Statewide Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan, Phase 2, New Jersey Department of Transportation
This plan provides clear guidance for the most effective use of Federal, State, and local resources to implement pedestrian and bicycle facilities. The stated goals and objectives are supported with proposed performance measures to determine the effectiveness and critical success factors. ...more >
document Virginia: VTrans 2025 Statewide Pedestrian Plan, Commonwealth of Virginia Secretary of Transportation
Virginia's long-range transportation plan, called VTrans2025, is a blueprint for shaping the transportation future. It establishes a commonly held vision, goals, and objectives to guide and direct decision- ...more >
document Florida: Pedestrian Planning and Design Handbook, Florida Department of Transportation
The plan presents guidelines, standards, and criteria for pedestrian planning and facilities. It is intended as a reference for any locality, agency, organization, group, or citizen interested in improving the walking environment. ...more >
document Model Local School Wellness Policies on Physical Activity and Nutrition, National Alliance for Nutrition and Activity
This project contains tools that can be used to improve the wellness program in a school system. Included in this project is a sample declaration, calling for improved wellness policies, physical activity programs, ...more >
document Georgia: Pedestrian & Streetscape Guide, Georgia Department of Transportation
The guide focuses on the design of pedestrian environments and streetscape facilities. It offers technical information on "best practices" that apply to situations encountered in project development. ...more >
web Transportation Alternatives Citizens Group (New York City Area), Transportation Alternatives
Transportation Alternatives' mission is to reclaim New York City's streets from the automobile, and to advocate for bicycling, walking and public transit as the best transportation alternatives. ...more >
document Vermont: Pedestrian and Bicycle Facility Planning and Design Manual, Vermont Agency of Transportation
The manual assists agencies, organizations, and citizens with the planning, design, construction, and maintenance of pedestrian facilities in the variety of settings. ...more >
document Oregon: Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan, Oregon Department of Tranportation
This is one of the first plans developed to promote walking. It is in-depth and informative, addressing various aspects of pedestrian planning. ...more >
document Motorists, Bicyclists and Pedestrians: Sharing the Road Safely, The New York State Department of Transportation
This training supplement is provided to trainers in Driver Improvement Programs to encourage motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians to safely share the road. ...more >