Relaying Important Messages

Educational messages for road users commonly focus on improving personal safety and law abidance. Campaigns aimed at commuters or employees often focus on messages to encourage drivers to carpool, use transit, or consider non-motorized transportation modes. These campaigns have much in common with many activities that Promote Walking and Health, so visit that section for more information. Education and training programs aimed at transportation officials and decision makers usually focus on encouraging stronger support for policies, programs, and facilities that promote safe walking. This section provides broad concepts for educating officials and decision makers, but you can also visit the Training section to see specific training/workshop opportunities available for professionals.

The following section provides more detailed educational messages that could be incorporated into educational campaigns targeting the three main groups described above:

  1. Road Users
    1. Child Pedestrians
    2. College Age Pedestrians
    3. Alcohol Consumers
    4. Adult Pedestrians
    5. Older Pedestrians
    6. Drivers
  2. Commuters/Employees
  3. Transportation Officials and Decision Makers

Each section also describes effective strategies for relaying these key messages.