Implement Solutions

Once you have an idea of where pedestrian problems and issues exist in your community, you can begin to implement solutions that will make your streets safer, more accessible, and more inviting to pedestrians. A comprehensive solution will likely involve several elements:

  • Short- and long-term planning and policy-making for the built environment
  • Designing and engineering safe and accessible roadways and pedestrian facilities
  • Educating roadway users about rules, rights, and responsibilities
  • Enforcing proper behaviors and use of roadway facilities
  • Improving connectivity and access to transit facilities
  • Promoting walking and physical activity throughout the community
  • Finding funding to support and sustain the improvements long-term

Each community member or agency can take part in some or all of the activities described above to improve the pedestrian environment. The more comprehensive the approach, the more likely you are to achieve long-lasting success. Follow the linked terms above for information about the various ways to implement pedestrian solutions.