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Pedestrian Research Need Statement Database

The Research Need Statement Database Group is looking for volunteers to take the lead in promoting pedestrian RNS and tracking ongoing pedestrian research in five specific areas: 1) Safety; 2) Health; 3) Policy & Institutions; 4) Planning & Design, and 5) Operations and Maintenance.

You can download an Excel file of the existing Pedestrian Research Problem Statement Database (updated 1/12) at the Research Subcommittee Resources page.

If you are interested in tracking ongoing research, please contact Laura Sandt at

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Subcommittee History (2001-2007)

The full TRB Pedestrian Committee began an effort to update its list of pedestrian research topics in 2001. The Committee made a broad request for pedestrian research topics from a wide audience of researchers, advocates, and practitioners. These topics were prioritized by the Research Subcommittee to determine a final top 15 list. Each of the top 15 research topics were developed into full research problem statements, which included a statement of the problem, review of existing literature, list of intended audiences, and estimated cost. Members of the subcommittee also chose to add a 16th Research Problem Statement on the Segway Human Intermodal Transporter (SHT). These RPS became the central component of Transportation Research Circular E-C084: Pedestrians: Research Problem Statements, published in December 2005.

During 2005, 2006, and 2007, the Research Subcommittee has developed eight new RNS. These additional RNS have been shared with the full committee and have been (or will soon be) posted in the online TRB RNS database. The Subcommittee also defined its role more clearly in 2006, specifying the three main purposes of the group listed above. It continues to work on these three tasks.