Paper Review Subcommittee


The Paper Review Subcommittee is responsible for managing the TRB paper review process for papers assigned to the Committee, creating the pedestrian paper and poster sessions for the Annual Meeting program, identifying practice-ready papers, recognizing the year’s best papers and recommending these for further TRB recognition, and recommending papers for publication in the Transportation Research Record.

Call for Paper Reviewers

The Paper Review Subcommittee is continually in need of experienced professionals to review pedestrian-related papers that the Committee receives. A background in pedestrian safety, modeling, planning and design, traffic operations or other pedestrian-related specialty areas is particularly helpful. If you would like to help review papers, please submit a brief resume to Robert Schneider and identify those areas where you have a special interest and expertise.

Call for Paper Submissions

The Pedestrian Committee encourages researchers and practitioners to submit papers to the Transportation Research Board regarding pedestrian-related studies and activities. Papers should NOT be submitted directly to the Committee, but should go through the TRB Annual Meeting Paper Submission and Review site.

Additional Information

Do you have comments or questions about the work or products of the Pedestrian Paper Review Subcommittee? Are you interested in joining or helping the Pedestrian Paper Review Subcommittee? If so, please e-mail Robert Schneider.