PBIC Livable Communities Webinar Series

The Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center (PBIC) hosts the Livable Communities Webinar Series to encourage safe walking and bicycling as a viable means of transportation and physical activity. Register and tune in for the PBIC Webinars every other month.

Upcoming Webinars


Archived Webinars

5/07/2013— "The Bottom Line: How bicycle and pedestrian projects offer economic benefits to communities" Presented by Darren Flusche, policy director, League of American Bicyclists' Ginny Sullivan, director of travel initiative, Adventure Cycling Association; and Mark Wyatt, executive director, Iowa Bicycle Coalition

4/09/2013— "Accessing Funding for Bicycle and Pedestrian Projects under MAP-21"
Presented by Darren Flusche, policy director, League of American Bicyclists and Peter Lagerwey, regional office director, Toole Design Group

2/27/2013— "Promoting Cycling and Walking for Sustainable and Healthy Cities: Lessons from Europe and North America"
Presented by John Pucher, Professor, Urban Planning and Policy Development Program and Research Associate, Alan M. Voorhees Transportation Center.

August-November 2012— AASHTO Guide for the Development of Bicycld Facilities webinar series

July-November 2012—American Public Health Association webinar series

1/31/2013— "Toward Zero Deaths: Strategies for Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals"
Presented by Charlie Zegeer, director, PBIC, and Carl Sundstrom, program manager, PBIC.

6/05/2012— "Tools for Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety and Exposure Analysis"
Presented by David Ragland, Ph.D., Founding Director, UC Berkeley SafeTREC; John Bigham, MPH, GIS Program Manager, UC Berkeley SafeTREC, and Robert Schneider, Ph.D., Researcher, UC Berkeley SafeTREC.

4/26/2012— "Bike Sharing in the United States: State of the Practice and Guide to Implementation"
Presented by Josh Moskowitz with Capital Bike Share and Julia Diana with the city of San Antonio, as well as R.J. Eldridge and Muaricio Hernandez with Toole Design Group

2/7/2012— "Walkability for Older Pedestrians: Using a Free NHTSA Workshop that Gets Results"
Presented by Nancy Pullen-Seufert and Seth LaJeunesse, of the UNC Highway Safety Research Center, as well as Rihanna Babka of California WALKS and Susan Sutherland of the Delaware General Health District

11/10/2011— "Bicycle and Pedestrian Planning? There's an App for That!"
Presented by Andrew Rankin, Commuter Connection, Elizabeth Sall, San Francisco County Transportation Authority, and Gizachew "Giz" Andargeh, Washington, DC, Office of Planning

3/1/2011— "FHWA Resources for Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals"
Presented by Charlie Zegeer, UNC Highway Safety Research Center/PBIC, Libby Thomas, UNC Highway Safety Research Center, and Dan Nabors, Vanasse Hangen Brustlin

12/09/2010— "Educating the Next Generation of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals: Tools and Resources for Instructors"
Presented by Laura Sandt, Associate Director, PBIC and Carl Sundstrom, Engineering Research Associate, PBIC

06/30/2010— "Pedestrian Safety From Around the World"
Presented by Charlie Zegeer, Director, Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center

04/15/2010— "Impact of the New MUTCD on Pedestrians and Bicyclists"
Presented by Bruce Friedman, P.E., PTOE, and Scott Wainwright, P.E., PTOE, members of the MUTCD team of the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration

03/18/2010— "Community Approaches to Pedestrian Safety Education"
Presented by Dr. Gillian Hotz and Christine Stinson of WalkSafe in Florida, and Linda Crabill Byrne and David Parisi on Street Smarts in California

01/21/2010— "Selection of Pedestrian Treatments at Unsignalized Crossings"
Presented by Charlie Zegeer, Director, PBIC, and Associate Director of Engineering and Planning, UNC Highway Safety Research Center

11/12/2020 — "The Power of 25: Advocacy Strategies for Creating Livable Communities"
Presented by Peter Lagerwey, Seattle Regional Office Director for Toole Design Group

9/23/2009 — "Fundamentals for Connecting Transit and Pedestrian/Bicycle Facilities"
Presented by Dan Nabors, Senior Transportation Engineer, Vanasse Hangen Brustlin, Inc. and Daniel Rodriguez, Associate Professor of City and Regional Planning, UNC-Chapel Hill