Additional Pedestrian and Bicycle Webinars

In addition to the PBIC Livable Communities Webinar Series, the following organizations offer webinars on topics related to bicycling, walking, and livable communities. Visit each link for additional information related to schedules and registration.

Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Office of Safety
The Pedestrian Safety Webinars were developed to provide technical assistance to the states and cities with highest pedestrian crash rates/numbers, and are open to anyone interested in learning more about pedestrian safety trends and research.

Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals (APBP)
The APBP Professional Development Webinar Series offers one-hour presentations on current issues in bicycling and walking from national experts.

Context Sensitive Solutions (CSS)
The CSS Webinar Series offers presentations on the latest tools, resources, and research related to bicycling, walking, and other related topics.

Easter Seals Project ACTION
The Easter Seals Project ACTION (ESPA) Distance Learning Opportunities include both audio conferences and webinars, covering topics related to pedestrian safety and accessible transportation.

Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE)
Regularly scheduled Web seminars and Web briefings cover a variety of topics related to pedestrian and bicycle design and engineering.

National Center for Safe Routes to School / America Walks
The Safe Routes Coaching Action Network (CAN) Webinars are designed to educate individuals and organizations on topics that will assist with successful outreach efforts.

National Transit Institute (NTI)
A number of webinars hosted by NTI cover multimodal planning, design, and safety issues as they relate to transit.

Transportation Research Board (TRB)
The webinars offered by TRB cover a variety of topics, including pedestrian and bicycle safety and design.

Travel Model Improvement Program (TMIP)
Topics related to travel modeling and planning analysis are presented regularly through these TMIP webinars.

US Access Board / ADA National Network
AccessibilityOnline is a collaborative training program that covers topics related to accessibility and the built environment, information technologies, and transportation.

American Public Health Association (APHA)
The Transportation and Health Webinar Series consists of four presentations that explore the intersection of health and transportation, led by experts in these fields. For more information, visit