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document The Effects of Roundabouts on Pedestrian Safety, The Southeastern Transportation Center
This paper examines pedestrian safety at roundabouts in the United States using a literature review along with case study analysis, statistical analysis, and simulation analysis to compare pedestrian safety at a conventional signalized intersection to a case study modern roundabout. ...more >
document Camina con Inteligencia, Virginia, Virginia Department of Health
This brochure promotes pedestrian safety in Spanish. ...more >
web Can Pedestrian-friendly Planning Encourage Us to Walk?, UC Berkeley Traffic Safety Center
This online article discusses the effect of pedestrian-friendly design on the number of pedestrians in a community and summarizes recent research related to healthm, urban design, and pedestrian safety. ...more >
document The Influence of Vertical Illuminance on Pedestrian Visibility in Crosswalk, 18th Biennial Transportation Research Board Visibility Symposium
This project investigates the required lighting levels for crosswalk illumination. ...more >
document The Relative Risks of School Travel, Transportation Research Board
This report provides estimates of the relative risk among school travel modes using available information collected at the national level. ...more >
document The Perception of Pedestrians From the Perspective of Elderly and Experienced Drivers,
This study examined hazard perception abilities among elderly and experienced drivers, particularly with regard to the presence of pedestrians in the urban road environment. ...more >
document Infrastructure Solutions to Improve Pedestrian Safety,
A comprehensive study aimed at conducting a detailed analysis of pedestrian accidents, a diagnosis of infrastructure problems, and assembling a collection of solutions. ...more >
document The Role of Cognitive, Perceptual, and Motor Abilities in Elderly Pedestrians' Street-Crossing Decisions,
The objective of the present study was to better understand the underlying age-related changes that lead to these behaviours, with a special focus on perceptual abilities. ...more >
document Crosswalks at Roundabouts - Effects of Pedestrian Guard Rails on Utilization,
The goal of this research is to examine the effects of guard rails at roundabouts and the conflicts that may arise. ...more >
document Creating Safe Built Environments for Children, America Walks
This paper focuses on creating safe built environments for children. ...more >