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web Selecting Pedestrian Safety Improvements, Federal Highway Administration
The Crash Group/General Countermeasure Matrix identifies potential solutions for use by safety practitioners. ...more >
web American Traffic Safety Services Association, The American Traffic Safety Services Association
ATSSA's core purpose is to advance roadway safety. The site offers services and information for traffic safety product companies, including training and certification. ...more >
document Police-Reporting of Pedestrians and Bicyclists Treated in Hospital Emergency Rooms, University of North Carolina Highway Safety Research Center
This paper reports on analysis of factors associated with the occurance of a match between the emergency room reported cases and state motor vehicle crash data. ...more >
document The Vulnerable Pedestrian: A Multi Dimensional Problem Based on the Israeli Experience,
An analyses conducted comparing two groups in terms of their involvement in rural versus urban crashes, daytime versus nighttime crashes, time and behavior of the pedestrian prior to the crash. ...more >
document Development of Computational Models and Databases to Investigate Pedestrian Related Accidents,
An observation study regarding the behavior of drivers and pedestrians when confronted with the time intervals of signals, on signalized crossroads. ...more >
document Injured Pedestrians in Sweden - Surface Condition,
In Sweden earlier studies have shown that pedestrians are the road user group that are most injured when slippery road conditions. ...more >
document Fear and Danger Appraisals of a Road Crossing Scenario: A Developmental Perspective,
The study focuses on conceptual, rather than perceptual, examination of the visual timing elements of distance and speed, as integrated into appraisals of risks related to a traffic scenario. ...more >
web Data Collection and Analysis for Communities, Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center (PBIC)
This report describes how communities can collect data about bicycle and pedestrian facilities, and includes case studies from 27 communities. Future publications will include a recommended practices guide, ...more >
document Compliance of Ultra-Orthodox and Secular Pedestrians With Traffic Lights in Ultra-Orthodox and Secular Locations,
The study examined the influence of in- and out-group road crossing norms focusing on behaviors of pedestrians in their own in-group environment and in an out-group environment. ...more >
document A Within-Subject Design of Comparison of Waiting Time of Pedestrians Before Crossing Three Successive Road Crossings,
The study was aimed to compare the waiting time of pedestrians before crossing three successive road crossings. ...more >