Community Resources and Research


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web City of Boulder, CO Transportation Planning, City of Boulder
The site of the the Transportation Planning Department for the City of Boulder provides information to residents on the City plans and projects, as well as several incident reporting forms. ...more >
web Montgomery County, MD Pedestrian Safety, Montgomery County
The Montgomery County Pedestrian Safety site details the extensive education campaigns that have been conducted over the past years. Other resources include a safety quiz and tips, local news and events, ...more >
web Wisconsin Department of Transportation Bicycle and Pedestrian Information, Wisconsin Department of Transportation
This site provides the state bicycle and pedestrian plans, in addition to safety and crash information for citizens and instructors. ...more >
web Northwestern University Traffic Institute, Northwestern University
The Northwestern University Center for Public Safety and Traffic Institute provides information on available courses, training sessions, and conferences. ...more >
document Real Intersection Design, Voorhees Transportation Center at Rutgers University, New Jersey Department of Transportation Office of Bicycle and Pedestrian Programs
This report documents a workshop created to deal with poor intersection design in Ocean City. ...more >
document Still At Risk: Pedestrian Safety in New Jersey, Tri-State Transportation Campaign
This report provides various recommendations for improving the pedestrian environment from lessons learned in New Jersey. ...more >