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document Urban Intersection Improvements for Pedestrian Safety, Federal Highway Administration
The purpose of the study of Urban Intersection Improvements for Pedestrian Safety was to identify problems associated with pedestrian-vehicle interactions at intersections, develop countermeasure concepts that would reduce these problems, ...more >
document Geometric Design Practices for European Roads, International Technology Exchange Program, Federal Highway Administration
Presents examples of European design practice and operations. ...more >
document Urban Intersection Improvements for Pedestrian Safety, Federal Highway Administration
This report presents the final results of the signal timing element fo the FHWA research project "Urban Intersection Improvements for Pedestrian Safety." The report discusses the research which was conducted, ...more >
document Rails with Trails: Lessons Learned, Federal Highway Administration
A research report about trails located near railroad and transit rights-of-way. ...more >
web The Facts: Alcohol Impaired Pedestrians Among Diverse Populations, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
Summary of a study that addressed the involvement of various cultural populations in alcohol-related pedestrian crashes, and suggested potential countermeasures targeting this problem. ...more >
document A Review of the Impacts of the Towaway Reporting Threshold on a Highway Safety Program, Federal Highway Administration
This study reviews the potential impacts of a towaway reporting threshold on the North Carolina Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) listings and on the locations and types of crash patterns identified on collision diagrams by field engineers. ...more >
document The National Bicycling and Walking Study, Federal Highway Administration
This report draws upon all of the work completed as of 1994 to outline a plan of action to promote bicycling and walking as viable transportation option for more Americans. ...more >
document Conflicts on Multiple Use Trails, Federal Highway Administration
Presents a series of principles for more effective operations of multi use trails. ...more >
document Pedestrian Safety and Transit Corridors, Washington State Transportation Center (TRAC), Washington State Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration
This research examines the relationship between pedestrian accident locations on state-owned facilities (highways and urban arterials) and the presence of rider boardings and alightings from bus transit. ...more >
document Older Pedestrian Characteristics for Use in Highway Design, Federal Highway Administration
The objective of this project was to develop traffic planning and engineering guidelines for the design of pedestrian facilities that are sensitive to the needs of older pedestrians. ...more >