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document Design and Safety of Pedestrian Facilities, Institute of Transportation Engineers
Design and Safety of Pedestrian Facilities, A Recommended Practice of the Institute of Transportation Engineers is intended to provide guidance on how to implement a comprehensive program of engineering, ...more >
web National Bicycling and Walking Study - Five Year Status Report, United States Department of Transportation
The National Bicycle and Walking Study presents a plan of action for activities at the Federal, State, and local levels for increasing the amount of walking and bicycling in the United States. ...more >
web Fatality Facts 2005 - Pedestrians, Insurance Institute for Highway Safety
The following facts are based on analysis of data from the US Department of Transportation's Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS). ...more >
document New Jersey Congestion, Security, and Safety Initiative, Center for Advanced Infastructure and Transportation (CAIT) at Rutgers University, The New Jersey Department of Transportation
This project examines the relationship between effective national transportation congestion, security, and safety technology transfer applications. ...more >
document Identification and Ranking of High Pedestrian Crash Zones for Allocation of Safety Funds, Transportation Research Board
This paper presents 1) a methodology to study the spatial patterns of pedestrian crashes in order to identify high pedestrian crash zones, and 2) an evaluation of methods to rank these high pedestrian crash zones. ...more >
document A Guide for Reducing Collisions at Signalized Intersections, National Cooperative Highway Research Program, Transportation Research Board
This document provides strategies that can be employed to reduce the number of collisions at signalized intersections. ...more >
document Pedestrian roadway fatalities, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)
"The objective of this study by the National Center for Statistics and Analysis (NCSA) was to examine the pedestrian fatalities in motor vehicle crashes." ...more >
document New Directions in Speed Management: A Review of Policy, Department for Transportation
This review was formed to develop a speed policy that takes account of the contribution of reduced speeds to environmental and social objectives as well as road safety. ...more >
document A Guide for Reducing Collisions Involving Pedestrians, National Cooperative Highway Research Program
The National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) Report 500, Volume 10: A Guide for Reducing Collisions Involving Pedestrians provides strategies that can be employed to reduce the number of collisions involving pedestrians. ...more >
document Pedestrian Access to Roundabouts: Assessment of Motorists' Yielding to Visually Impaired Pedestrians and Potential Treatments to Improve Access, Federal Highway Administration
This report describes two related studies intended to address double-lane roundabout accessibility issues for visually impaired pedestrians. ...more >