Crash and Safety Resources and Research

document Method of Improving Pedestrian Safety Proactively with Geographic Information Systems, Transportation Research Record
"The proactive data integration technique developed in this study was applied to pedestrian safety problems on a college campus, aiding the process of planning and implementing various countermeasures related to education, ...more >
document An accident waiting to happen, Accident Analysis and Prevention
"There are about 75,000 pedestrian crashes in the United States each year. Approximately 5000 of these crashes are fatal, accounting for 12% of all roadway deaths. On college campuses, pedestrian exposure and crash- ...more >
web Pedestrian Safety Roadmap & Resource Catalog, Federal Highway Administration
The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)'s Pedestrian Safety Roadmap & Resource Catalog is divided into these six helpful sections: 1. Making a Commitment: Motivate key decision-makers to take action in making your community safer and more walkable. ...more >
document Pedestrian Signal Safety for Older Persons, AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety
This study indicates that traffic signals, in many cases, do not allow enough time for aging pedestrians to cross the street. ...more >
document Green Ribbon Month, Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center
Community groups, schools, and government agencies cooperate on a "Green Ribbon" public awareness campaign to successfully improve pedestrian safety at school zone intersections. ...more >
document Literature Review on Vehicle Travel Speeds and Pedestrian Injuries Among Selected Racial/Ethnic Groups, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
The relationship between vehicle travel speeds and resulting pedestrian injury was reviewed in the literature and in existing data sets. ...more >
document Evaluation of Lane Reduction "Road Diet" Measures and Their Effects on Crashes and Injuries, Federal Highway Administration
This study examines the safety benefits of road diets. ...more >
web What Do Traffic Crashes Cost?, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
This report updates the national estimates of employer costs of crashes presented in Traffic Safety and Health Care: State and National Estimates of Employer Costs and adds estimates of employer costs by industry. ...more >
document Accommodating Pedestrians in Work Zones, Federal Highway Administration
This brochure provides some helpful guidelines that can be used to accommodate pedestrians in work zones. ...more >
document National Bicycling and Walking Study - Ten Year Report, Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center, The United States Department of Transportation
The US Department of Transportation released this 10-year Status Report to track its progress and activities towards implementing the National Walking and Bicycling Study. ...more >