Crash and Safety Resources and Research

document Guidance Memorandum on Consideration and Implementation of Proven Safety Countermeasures, Federal Highway Association
FHWA memo of action on consideration and implementation of proven safety countermeasures. ...more >
document Characteristics of Emerging Road Users and Their Safety, Federal Highway Administration
This study identifies the operational characteristics of an increasingly diverse group of trail and other nonmotorized transportation users. ...more >
document Pedestrian Safety Countermeasure Deployment Project, Federal Highway Administration
In 2002, the Federal Highway Administration awarded grants to the cities of San Francisco, Las Vegas and Miami to examine and map out their pedestrian crashes and develop a plan for deploying and evaluating various pedestrian safety countermeasures in high crash & ...more >
document Bilingual Pedestrian Safety Brochure: Signals, Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)
This brochure educates pedestrians about traffic signals both in English and Spanish. ...more >
document Characteristics Related to Midblock Pedestrian-Vehicle Crashes and Potential Treatments,
The purpose of this study is to gain an understanding of the characteristics of midblock pedestrian crashes for use in determining appropriate safety treatments. This resource can be purchased through the Transportation Research Board, ...more >
document Bilingual Pedestrian Safety Flyer: Crosswalks, Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)
These flyers urge pedestrians to look both ways before stepping into the crosswalk in both English and Spanish. ...more >
web Dutch Institute for Road Safety Research (SWOV), Institute for Road Safety Research (SWOV)
SWOV is an independent, scientific institute. SWOV's knowledge is public information and is made available to anyone who wants it, and is professionally involved in traffic and road safety in the Netherlands. ...more >
document Bilingual Pedestrian Flyer: Crosswalks and Signals, Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)
These flyers urge pedestrians to make eye contact before crossing the road. In English and Spanish. ...more >
document Bilingual Pedestrian Safety Flyer: Intoxication, Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)
"Every seven minutes a pedestrian is killed or injured in a crash. Almost half are under the influence of alcohol." These flyers promote pedestrian safety both in English and Spanish. ...more >
document Capacity Analysis of Pedestrian and Bicycle Facilities, Federal Highway Administration
This document describes the effects of pedestrians and bicyclists on the capacity of signalized intersections. These procedures augment the existing Highway Capacity Manual signalized intersection Level of Service procedures for locations with substantial pedestrian and/ ...more >