Planning Resources and Research

web Surface Transportation Policy Project, Surface Transportation Policy Project
The Surface Transportation Policy Project is a diverse, nationwide coalition working to ensure safer communities and smarter transportation choices that enhance the economy, improve public health, promote social equity, ...more >
document City of Charlotte Commitment to the Pedestrian Program, Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center
Charlotte provides significant annual funds for sidewalk construction and maintenance and creates a comprehensive pedestrian program that includes public outreach. ...more >
document Pedestrian Generator Checklist, Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center
State of New York develops a pedestrian generator checklist that engineers must use in determining pedestrian needs when designing new roadways or maintenance projects. ...more >
document Does the Built Environment Influence Physical Activity?, Transportation Research Board Institute of Medicine of the National Academies
The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention requested this study in order to examine the connection between the built environment and the physical activity levels of the U. ...more >
document Pathways for People, Rodale Press, Parkwood Research Associates
This document presents the survey questions and results concerning respondents bicycling, walking, and running habits, and their access to multiuse pathways. ...more >
document Access and Mobility Design Policy for Disabled Pedestrians at Road Crossings, Transportation Research Board
This resource can be purchased through the Transportation Research Board, or accessed by subscribers. In this article, issues affecting design policies for highways and streets are explored in terms of functional capabilities of disabled and encumbered pedestrians. ...more >
document Pedestrians and Bicycles, Transportation Research Board
This Transportation Research Record contains 24 papers on the subject of pedestrians and bicycles. It can be purchased through the Transportation Research Board, or accessed by subscribers. ...more >
document Planning for Transportation in Rural Areas, Federal Highway Administration, Federal Transit Administation
The purpose of this document, Planning for Transportation in Rural Areas, is to provide a resource to rural planners, city and county engineers, stakeholders, local officials, and other decision-makers involved with developing rural transportation plans. ...more >
document Planning, Design, and Maintenance of Pedestrian Facilities, Federal Highway Administration
This handbook consolidates the current state-of-the-art pertaining to pedestrian facilities. ...more >
document A Pedestrian Planning Procedures Manual, Federal Highway Administration
The Manual identifies the significant data, procedures, and criteria that should be considered in the planning and evalutation of both comprehensive pedestrian systems and individual facilities. ...more >