Pedestrians and Bicycles

Transportation Research Board

Specific topics addressed include the following: yielding to pedestrians at unsignalized intersections; accessible pedestrian signals; pedestrian walking speed; pedestrian clearance intervals; neighborhood walkability; pedestrian flow modeling; driver and pedestrian comprehension of permissive left turns; pedestrian safety at intersections; pedestrian level-of-service of urban arterials with sidewalks; pedestrian accident causes; pedestrian push-button confirmation; pedestrian level-of-service in an urban resort district; midblock pedestrian-vehicle crashes; walking speed on unidirectional walkway and bidirectional stairway; pedestrian gap-acceptance behavior; pedestrian crossing locations, light conditions, and injury severity; pedestrian safety in numbers; pedestrian, bicyclist, and motorist behaviors at roundabouts; estimating bicycle usage; avoiding biased interpretation of bicycle surveys; estimating cycling demand for work or study trips; bicycle sidepath design; and a bicycle and pedestrian detection and classification algorithm for active-infrared overhead vehicle imaging sensors.

Filed in: Engineering, Plans and Policies, Crashes and Safety

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