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Pedestrian Generator Checklist.

New York engineers needed guidance on when and how to accommodate pedestrians when designing roadways. Before the Pedestrian Generator Checklist, engineers had no specific guidance on what, if any, pedestrian facilities should be included in the roadway design.

The goal of the transportation system is to provide safe and efficient mobility and access for all modes of travel, including walking. Whether designing new transportation facilities or reconstructing or resurfacing existing ones, the presence of pedestrians should be considered. This consideration may lead to the installment of pedestrian facilities such as crossings, refuge islands, pedestrian signs and signals, Intelligent Transportation System (ITS), sidewalks, walkways, curb ramps, bus stops, call boxes, street furniture, etc.

New York State DOT developed a Pedestrian Generator Checklist to aid in determining if pedestrian facilities are needed along a roadway. If the need to accommodate pedestrians is determined to exist, facilities intended for them should be designed, constructed, and maintained in accordance with current guidelines and standards.

The Pedestrian Generator Checklist is completed for all new construction, reconstruction, bridge replacement, bridge rehabilitation, signal requirement contracts, and maintenance projects. The completed checklist is then submitted to the Regional Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator for review. Projects with one ore more "Yes" answers on the checklist indicate a potential need to accommodate pedestrians. Exceptional circumstances that would exempt projects from requiring pedestrian facilities include:

  • Roads where pedestrians are prohibited by law
  • Projects where the cost of establishing pedestrian facilities would be excessively disproportionate to the need or probable use
  • Projects that exist in an area where sparse population or other factors indicate the absence of a need for pedestrian facilities.

Tricia Millington

Image Source: Institute of Transportation Engineers Pedestrian Project Awards Application.

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