Course Costs

Base Course Costs* (with one or two instructors)

  • 1 day — $6,000
  • 2 days — $10,500
  • 3 days — $14,000
  • 4 days — $17,500
  • 5 days — $21,500

For example, teaching one of the 2-day courses would cost $10,500. Teaching a 1-day course plus a 2-day course (3 days of training) in the same week would cost $14,000. Teaching two 2-day courses (4 days of training) in the same week would cost $17,500. Teaching a 2-day course plus a 3-day course (5 days of training) in the same week would cost $21,500.

*Costs effective through 12/31/08.

Course Cost Assumptions

The cost covers travel expenses and time for two experienced and knowledgeable instructors to lead each course, with the exception of the 1-day courses, which generally only allow for one instructor.

The project team will coordinate with the local host and provide all necessary information, guides, handouts, and related course materials.

The local host will be responsible for advertising the course, inviting participants, and covering all food-related expenses such as lunches, coffee and breakfast food, afternoon soft drinks and snacks, etc. The local host is also responsible for any facility costs such a meeting room and audio visual equipment rental charges. Some local hosts charge participants a registration fee to help cover the costs.

The planning and design courses were developed initially for the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), as part of the Pedestrian Safety Action Plan (PSAP) project. The costs given above may increase or decrease, depending on such factors such as the ability of FHWA instructors to participate and requests for customizing the course for local needs. Please call Charlie Zegeer at (919) 962-7801 if you wish to find out more information about the courses and/or to discuss specific costs for your situation.