Complete Streets: State of the Practice Webinar

02/16/2011 – 02/16/2011

Web-based, USA

3:00 to 4:00 p.m. EST

Complete Streets: State of the Practice

More than 200 jurisdictions (state, region, county and city) have adopted Complete Streets policies, and the pace of passed policies is quickening. Join this APBP webinar to examine the current state of the practice for complete streets. Topics in this session will include:

  • How support for complete streets is strengthened as collaboration with public health, transit, and other partners increases
  • A comparison of existing policies and how they match up to guidelines from the National Complete Streets Coalition
  • Examples of best practice at the local and state level

The webinar will include a case study of Charlotte, N.C. The City of Charlotte's complete streets policy preceded and informed North Carolina's state complete streets policy. Learn about Charlotte's award-winning Urban Streets Design Guidelines, an outstanding example of complete streets planning and design, and how the city is implementing requirements for developers to complement the use of public funds. Presenters are Stefanie Seskin of the National Complete Streets Coalition and Mark Cole, Design Section Manager, City of Charlotte.

For more information, please contact:

Debra Goeks