Transportation Bonanza 2

12/08/2021 – 12/09/2021

Lansing, MI, USA

Launched by the Michigan Association of Planning (MAP), in partnership with Michigan Safe Routes to School, Michigan Department of Community Health, the Michigan Municipal League and MiCNU, the second annual Transportation Bonanza will inform and inspire us to create healthy, walkable, connected, sustainable communities based on complete streets principles.

MiCNU is pleased to host Day 2 of the program (December 9) which will focus on the new CNU/ITE Recommended Practice Guidebook,
Designing Walkable Urban Thoroughfares, A Context Sensitive Approach.

For more information, please contact:
Phone: (947) 570-1299
Fax: (947) 570-1623

711 Atlantic St.
Milford, MI 48381