Urban Environmental Pollution 2010

06/20/2010 – 06/23/2010

Boston, MA, USA

Overcoming Obstacles to Sustainability and Quality of Life

More than half of the world's population lives in cities, a trend that is rapidly accelerating, especially in developing countries. In the USA, urban areas are merging into huge megalopitan areas, especially along interstate highways.

Cities require and use large quantities of energy and materials, metabolizing them and generating large quantities of waste products and pollutants, resulting in unsustainable environments that adversely affect ecological integrity and diversity and human health and well-being. As many city dwellers are disconnected from the natural world, it has even been suggested that a new species "homo urbanus" is emerging.

Attendance at this meeting will enable to you to:

  • Learn of the latest information about urban pollution problems and what measures can be taken to overcome obstacles to sustainability and life quality.
  • Hear from leading experts in the field
  • Present your research as an oral presentation or in the poster session.
  • Network with wide delegation of international researchers with common interests and concerns.


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