2010 American Metropolitan Planning Organization Annual Conference

10/19/2010 – 10/22/2010

St. Louis, MO, USA

This year, the Annual Conference will focus on different themes, covering a number of topic areas. Although AMPO has identified the following themes as a means to structure the agenda for the 2010 conference, we will also accept proposals on topics that are not mentioned below.

  • Additional data collection requirements and information sharing
  • Air quality (Potential impacts of new standards on MPOs.)
  • Authorization
  • Climate Change
  • Fiscal constraint (Fiscal constraint in a difficult finance time and innovative finance. Tolling and environmental justice issues on toll projects.)
  • Freight planning
  • Greater coordination with state DOTs and local partners (Productive and unproductive aspects.)
  • Livability (What does it mean? How do MPOs deal with adjusting to related planning?)
  • Major surveys
  • Performance measures and data collection
  • Rail and high speed rail
  • Rulemaking versus guidance (When is rulemaking more appropriate than guidance and vice versa, and what are the pros and cons of both to MPOs, SDOTs, transit operators, and the Feds.)
  • Safety (Safer roads (physical improvements including signage) and safer drivers (behavioral aspects including distracted driving). Forecasting crashes (i.e., do the projects proposed in plans actually reduce crashes, reduce only certain types of crashes or actually make things worse and then quantifying the impact).)
  • Security Planning
  • Social Media (Using social media for planning (participation/input) and informing (real-time road conditions/trip planning. IT security issues and how to balance security with accessibility.)


For more information, please contact:

Maria Staunton
202-296-7051 x4