Towards Carfree Cities Conference IX

06/28/2010 – 07/01/2021

York, England

We invite you to join us for this international gathering of experts, practitioners and campaigners dedicated to promoting sustainable and equitable alternatives to the motor car. The focus is on strategy, collaboration and exchange, assisting the practical work of conference participants, from organising carfree days to planning the carfree cities of the future.

This year's conference, "How Do We Get There?", will focus on bringing carfree communities to life, considering a range of strategies from temporary events to permanent road space reallocation to European models of new carfree development. We plan to carry out a real street conversion during the conference!

We will also learn from and seek inspiration from the past, by looking at how the medieval pedestrian city was organised spatially, and how these principles could be applied to future settlements. The key challenges of fostering political and public acceptability for car reduction measures will be examined, including an exploration of the conditions under which people willingly give up the car in exchange for the benefits of living in traffic-free environments.

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