Third Biennial Walk/Bike California Conference 2007

09/11/2021 – 09/14/2007

Davis, CA, USA

Davis and Northern California are at the cutting edge of the American bicycling and walking movements. Their pedestrian and bicycle advocacy organizations are among the most well-established in the nation. Cities from all corners of the state and country are building infrastructure to support walking and bicycling, while health and transportation agencies are promoting walking and bicycling as important components of an active lifestyle and a balanced transportation system. Yet, in California as elsewhere in the United States, significant physical, cultural and legal barriers remain. Whether your interest is engineering or planning, public health, research, livable communities, safety, legislation or transportation reform, this symposium is an essential event to share your work, network with colleagues, and meet those who are funding and creating an exciting movement that is changing the way Californians and Americans live.

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