The 3rd Conference on Innovations in Travel Modeling

05/09/2021 – 05/12/2020

Tempe, AZ, USA

The Third International Conference on Innovations in Travel Modeling (ITM) of the Transportation Research Board (TRB) will be held in Tempe, Arizona during May 9-12, 2010. This conference series is the premier forum for sharing the latest developments in travel modeling, networking with fellow professionals, and identifying research and implementation challenges and issues associated with deploying cutting-edge computational methods to meet evolving planning contexts. The first two conferences in this series were held in Austin, Texas (2006) and Portland, Oregon (2008). The third conference will further build on the successes of the previous two conferences to serve as a venue for the modeling community to exchange information on promising modeling methods to address emerging policy questions. The conference will feature a series of sessions that address a wide range of topics related to innovations in travel modeling.

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