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Pedestrian safety signs not enough, council says
Diamond Back Online - 04/10/2021
Fliers urge crosswalk safety
Democrat Herald - 04/09/2021
Accident fatalities in 2008 lowest in Portland history
Outlook - 04/02/2021
LAPD pedestrian sting ends with hundreds of ticketed drivers in Northridge
LAist - 04/02/2021
Police target drivers who fail to yield to pedestrians
Seattle Post-Intelligencer - 03/31/2009
DC ponders setting aside $1.5 million for a pedestrian and bicycle safety fund - 03/30/2009
Hey, you! On the cell phone! Watch where you're walking!
Chicago Tribune - 03/30/2009
'Complete Streets' panel focuses on financial vs. cultural issues
The Daily Courier - 03/29/2009
Get smart: region launches safety campaign
The Washington Post - 03/25/2009
Toyota Verso takes the safety option
Motors Today - 03/23/2009

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