Pedestrian and Bicycle-Related News

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City unveils first Pedestrian Master Plan
West Seattle Herald - 04/24/2009
Easley moves ahead with walk-, bikeways plan
Greenville Online - 04/24/2009
Fairfax considers plan to block cars from Bolinas Road
Marin Independent Journal - 04/24/2009
Zero Deaths, Everyone Counts - 04/21/2009
Police crosswalk stings will target drivers who don't yield to pedestrians
Chicago Tribune - 04/20/2009
Coming soon: City ban on handheld phones
The Philadelphia Inquirer - 04/17/2009
External airbags could save pedestrians
Russia Today - 04/16/2009
Elon looks to fund bike, pedestrian projects
News 14 Carolina - 04/15/2009
Plan to reduce speed limit to 30km/h throughout most of Dublin city centre
Irish Times - 04/15/2009
Transformers: Protecting pedestrians from killer cars
NewScientist - 04/15/2009

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