Compilation of Pedestrian Devices in Use at Grade Crossings

Federal Railroad Administration

As part of the US DOT Grade Crossing Safety Action Plan issued in June of 2004, FRA's Office of Safety has been charged with developing an inventory of pedestrian warning devices in use at grade crossings of all types. From the Action Plan:

"...the FRA will make available a compilation of pedestrian safety devices in use at grade crossings. This will represent the current state of the practice of pedestrian accommodation at grade crossings, including pedestrian-only crossings."

The FRA has worked to gather information on any signs, signals, pavement markings, or other devices used to enhance the safety of pedestrians at grade crossings. State DOTs and rail transit operators have made several submissions, which have included background information and illustrations. These are presented here so that the larger grade crossing safety community might benefit from the work of others in this important area.

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