Let the Bus Go, Then You Go

Toledo, Ohio

Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center

We've got it going! Let the bus go, then you go.

In two back to back incidents in 1997, a young student exiting a TARTA bus was struck by oncoming traffic. Though they were old enough to know, they did not follow the proper procedure for safety around buses.

The Toledo Area Regional Transit Authority (TARTA) provides the majority of trips for the Toledo school system, carrying around 11,000 children per day.

TARTA partnered with Toledo Public Schools, the Toledo Police Department, and the private Catholic schools to ensure that every school child gets educated about the proper safety measure to be taken around buses. Now an annual tradition, at the beginning of the year, every 4th and 5th grader sees a 15 minute video made by TARTA and narrated by a peer, which is geared towards middle school age persons. They also receive brochures, handouts, and buttons bearing the same message, "Let the Bus Go, Then You Go." Additionally, interior advertising in buses display a consistent message.

The Authority contracted with a marketing consultant to produce the video, giving a lot of attention to make sure that the materials were energetic and youthful to fit the target audience. Since the first year, costs are nominal as they consist only of reprinting.

Though there have been no formal evaluations, the videos are well received each year, and there have been very few incidents since the program began.

James Gee, General Manager
Toledo Area Regional Transit Authority (TARTA)

Images Source: Jim Gee, Toledo Area Regional Transit Authority.

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