Rails with Trails

Design, Management and Operating Characteristics of 61 Trails Along Active Railroads

Rails-to-Trails Conservancy; National Park Service; Rails, Trails, and Conservation Assistance Program

"This report is designed to be of assistance primarily to trail planners, advocates and managers. By clearly laying out the national rails-with-trails experience, the report is designed to help answer questions such as: Are rails-with-trails safe?; Will a rail-with-trail work in our community?; How do we design our rail-with-trail to make it safe and effective?; How can we work cooperatively with a railroad company?; How do we handle liability issues?; Who has experience with different aspects of rails-with-trails? It is hoped that the report will also be useful to the railway industry, elected officials, federal, state and local transport officials, consultants, planning departments and anyone interested in the rails-with-trails concept."

Filed in: Community Problems and Solutions, Promoting Walking and Bicycling, Plans and Policies, Transit

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