Engineering Resources and Research

document Public Lighting for Safe and Attractive Pedestrian Areas, NZ Transport Agency
This report adds to the understanding of public lighting for safe and attractive pedestrian areas ...more >
document International Synthesis Report: United Kingdom, Federal Highway Administration
This is a review of recent research on pedestrian safety carried out in the United Kingdom. A comprehensive list of references is provided. The report covers many types of pedestrian facilities, the UK pedestrian safety record, ...more >
document Guidelines and Recommendations to Accommodate Older Drivers and Pedestrians, Federal Highway Administration
This project updated, revised, and expanded the scope of the Older Driver Highway Design Handbook published by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) in 1998. ...more >
document Sight Line - Designing Streets for People with Low Vision, Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment
A pioneering study that shows how better street design can transform life for people with low vision, helping them to become more confident and more mobile. ...more >
document International Synthesis Report: Canada, Federal Highway Administration
This report summarizes Canadian research on pedestrian safety. ...more >
document International Synthesis Report: Sweden, Federal Highway Administration
This report is a review of recent pedestrian safety research in Sweden (in particular) with some attention to similar research in other Scandinavian countries. ...more >
document Recommended Procedures for Testing and Evaluating Detectable Warning Systems, Transportation Research Board
This report presents a set of recommended test methods for evaluating durability of detectable warning systems. ...more >
document International Synthesis Report: Netherlands, Federal Highway Administration
This report is a review of recent pedestrian safety research in the Netherlands. It addresses several topics, reporting findings and providing a comprehensive list of references. ...more >
document Improving Pedestrian Conditions on a High Traffic Arterial, Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center (PBIC)
San Francisco's 19th Avenue/Park Presidio Boulevard is a major multi-use transportation corridor with many issues including heavy traffic, difficult pedestrian crossings, and unwelcoming design features. ...more >
document International Synthesis Report: Australia, Federal Highway Administration
This report summarizes Australian research and activities regarding pedestrian safety. ...more >