Engineering Resources and Research

document Conflicts on Multiple Use Trails, Federal Highway Administration
Presents a series of principles for more effective operations of multi use trails. ...more >
document Older Pedestrian Characteristics for Use in Highway Design, Federal Highway Administration
The objective of this project was to develop traffic planning and engineering guidelines for the design of pedestrian facilities that are sensitive to the needs of older pedestrians. ...more >
web Traffic Calming: State of the Practice, Federal Highway Administration, Institute of Transportation Engineers
Summarizes the various methods used to either slow or divert motor vehicle traffic. ...more >
document Effective Treatments of Over and Undercrossings for Use by Bicyclists, Pedestrians, and the Handicapped, Federal Highway Administration
This study provides information about over and undercrossings directed toward planners, designers, and decision makers who are trying to best serve the needs of bicyclists, pedestrians, and the handicapped, ...more >
document Traffic Operations Control for Older Drivers and Pedestrians, Federal Highway Administration
Offers guidelines on roadway and traffic control device use by older drivers and pedestrians. ...more >
document The Feasibility of Accommodating Physically Handicapped Individuals on Pedestrian Over and Undercrossing Structures, Federal Highway Administration
This report describes the evalutation of a sampling of over- and undercrossing structures to identify major and minor access barriers for the physically handicapped. ...more >
document An Investigation of the Potential for Pathways Shared by Pedestrians and Bicyclists, Federal Highway Administration
This report provides level of service and volume measurements in addition to measurements of conflict potential in order to determine the potential for shared pathways for bicyclists and pedestrians. ...more >
web Seeing Crosswalks in a New Light: In-Roadway Warning Lighting Research, Federal Highway Administration, Public Roads
FHWA tested in-pavement flashing warning lights at a pedestrian crossing in a Virginia community. ...more >
document City of Boulder Crosswalk Compliance Studies & Treatment Implementation, Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center
The City of Boulder conducts a crosswalk compliance study to determine the effectiveness of five different alternative treatments, and encourage walking. ...more >
document Innovative Traffic Control: Technology and Practice in Europe, International Technology Exchange Program, Federal Highway Administration
Presents the state of the art of emerging technologies for traffic control devices. ...more >