Enforcement Resources and Research

document Model Pedestrian Safety Program, Federal Highway Administration
This Supplement to the Model Pedestrian Safety Program User's Guide provides detailed information on specific pedestrian safety countermeasures. ...more >
document City of Boulder Crosswalk Compliance Studies & Treatment Implementation, Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center
The City of Boulder conducts a crosswalk compliance study to determine the effectiveness of five different alternative treatments, and encourage walking. ...more >
web Traffic Safety Digest, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
This page highlights case studies of pedestrian and bicycle safety projects around the United States, dating between 1996 and 2003. ...more >
document The Effects of NO TURN ON RED / YIELD TO PEDS Variable Message Signs on Motorist and Pedestrian Behavior, Highway Safety Research Center, Florida Department of Transportation
This report evaluates the effects of variable message signs in Orlando, Florida, on motorist and pedestrian behavior. ...more >
document Motorist Yielding to Pedestrians at Unsignalized Intersections, Transportation Research Board
This paper describes the evaluation of engineering treatments that can be used to improve the safety of pedestrians crossing in marked crosswalks on busy arterial streets. This resource can be purchased through the Transportation Research Board, ...more >
document Human Factors Literature Reviews on Intersections, Speed Management, Pedestrians and Bicyclists, and Visibility,
The report is a comprehensive and easy-to-use resource that summarizes the knowledge and practices that are relevant to human cognition, perception, and behavior in the areas of intersections, speed management, ...more >
document How to Develop a Pedestrian Safety Action Plan, Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center, Federal Highway Administration
How to Develop a Pedestrian Safety Action Plan offers guidance that can help municipalities determine and solve their pedestrian safety concerns, from identifying pedestrian safety problems to obtaining funding and enacting change. ...more >
document FHWA Office of Highway Safety, Federal Highway Administration
This site contains information aboutpolicy, facts and statistics, design guidelines, crash analysis, safety education, and more concerning both pedestrians and bicyclists. ...more >
document Design Speed, Operating Speed, and Posted Speed Practices, National Cooperative Highway Research Program
This report discusses the criteria used to evaluate highway and street designs, including the presence of bicycle and pedestrian traffic ...more >
document Community Action and Fundraising in Portland, OR, Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center
Community group in Portland partners with a local business, the city, and DOT to improve the pedestrian environment through specially designed umbrellas and multiple engineering measures. ...more >