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Developing features

Integrated information devices
Personal pagers, cellular telephones, and other mobile digital communications devices could potentially receive transmitted pedestrian signal messages. The increased use of these devices suggests that there may be other technologies and methods to provide information to pedestrians and for pedestrians to call the Walk interval in the future.

Development is ongoing on an integrated handheld computer type device to provide geographic, GPS, intersection layout and real-time signal information to pedestrians who are blind. Communication of a pedestrian call is also being investigated. However, such technology is in the very early development stages.

Pedestrian countdown information
Pedestrian signal heads that provide pedestrian countdown information have recently been installed in many municipalities.

Provision of the countdown information to individuals who are blind or visually impaired in an audible verbal message format has been discussed. However, the provision of audible information during the clearance interval, as discussed in the section on clearance interval information, may mask traffic sounds that are important, or may be confused with the Walk interval. In fact, a pedestrian who is blind is usually moving as quickly as possible to cross the street, and knowing the length of time left may not provide any additional information.

Pedestrian countdown information is unlikely to provide any advantage to the individual who is blind or visually impaired. Any provision of audible countdown information should be carefully evaluated before installation. At this time, it is not recommended.

Selection Tool

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