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Braille and Raised Print Information

Some manufacturers will provide the name of the associated street in Braille above the pushbutton, as an option.
Braille large print street name are on a sign above the pushbutton.

Additional information
Although this may be helpful to some pedestrians who are blind, many would not locate the Braille because of the lack of a standardized location for such information.
  • Many individuals who are blind do not read Braille, however, those who do would prefer Braille information to confirm which street is controlled by the pushbutton.
  • Some individuals who do not read Braille may be able to read large print, or raised print.
  • The street name on a device should be the name of the street whose crosswalk is controlled by the pushbutton.
PROWAAC suggested that providing intersection identification information in an audible format may be useful to the greatest number of users.
A raised print and braille sign is mounted vertically on a round pole to the right of an APS. The sign reads "George St. 275-339R".

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How used
Braille information and/or raised print information, in combination with the tactile arrow
  • Can help pedestrians learn or confirm the street name which is controlled by the pushbutton, and
  • Can help pedestrians choose which of two pushbuttons to press to cross the desired street.
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Draft Public Rights-of-Way Accessibility Guidelines require street name information in raised characters on the face of the device or its housing or mounting.

MUTCD 4E.08 states: "Name of the street ...may also be provided in accessible format..."

PROWAAC X02.5.1.4C recommended that signs at APS include the street name in Braille and raised print.

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