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Georgetown Electric

Type of APS
Two types:
  • Vibrotactile only - VIPB98
  • Pushbutton integrated - VIPB99

The vibrotactile arrow is located on the bottom of the Georgetown APS.

Standard features
WALK indication
  • VIPB98 - Vibrating mechanism on underside of casing
  • VIPB99 - Vibrating mechanism on underside of casing and audible beeping WALK indication, 2 per second
  • VIPB98 - Tactile arrow on vibrating mechanism
  • VIPB99 - Clicking locator tone at 1/sec (locator audible)
  • Tactile arrow
Optional features
Choice of curved or flat back for mounting

Installation notes
VIPB99 requires another circuit connection to the DON'T WALK / WALK (locator tone activated by the DON'T WALK and vibrator activated by the WALK) and a 25.2 AC, 450 mA step-down transformer to bring the voltage from the 110/120 VAC source down to 24 VAC. Power is brought from WALK /green lead to the pushbutton.

Transformer is not supplied with the APS.

No automatic volume adjustment.

Pushbutton does not meet PROWAAC minimum size recommendation of at least two inches.

Georgetown Electric, Ltd., Wilmington, DE

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