Search Tips

  1. Basic Search: For a basic search, simply enter in the key word that relates to the images you are interested in finding. If you have multiple words, it is better to use the Advanced Search.

  2. Search Terms: If you're unsure of what search terms to use, take a look at our Tag Cloud to see common search terms. Terms like "walking" and "bicycling" may generate a lot of results, so be specific in what you are looking for: safety tips, helmet fitting instructions, public service annoucements, videos for children, etc.

  3. Special Characters and Words: Some words CANNOT be used in the search box, or you will get an error message. These include: add, alter, delete, insert, select, update.

  4. Advanced Search: If you would like to narrow down your findings or generate fewer results, use the Advanced Search. It will allow you to search for ANY term, only show results that match ALL terms, or only show results that are an EXACT MATCH for the phrase you are using. With the Advanced Search, you can also search for videos aimed at a particular audience, or with/without closed captioning.