Walkable Community Workshops

Description: The National Center for Bicycling and Walking teaches Walkable Community Workshops that build alliances among elected officials, agencies, and citizen leaders to create safer and more welcoming accommodations for pedestrians. The goal of the workshop is to speed the creation of places where walking and bicycling are safe, viable transportation options. The workshop includes a discussion of the elements of a walkable community, examples of best practices, and a walking audit.

Target Audience: Staff from metropolitan planning organizations, cities, counties; community members; elected officials; and business leaders

Length: 1, 3, or 5 days

Contact: Bob Chauncey, Project Director, at (410) 570-5765 or bob@bikewalk.org ; or contact Mark Plotz, Program Manager, at (301) 656-4220 or mark@bikewalk.org.

Web link: http://www.bikewalk.org/workshopswalkable.php