2009 National Highway Data Workshop and Conference (HiDaC)

09/22/2009 – 09/24/2009

Oakland, CA, USA

HiDaC is a practitioners' conference for new and experienced mid-level analysts and highway data managers involved with the day-to-day activities associated with highway data collection, processing, and analysis from regional, state and federal government, and local and regional planning agencies.

Conference presentations and discussions will focus on highway system inventory and extent, highway system designations, and highway system performance.


For more information, please contact:

Brian Domsic
California Department of Transportation
Division of Transportation System Information
Tel 916-653-3272
Fax 916-654-6583

Michael Fay
New York State Department of Transportation
Highway Data Services Bureau
Tel 518-457-1965
Fax 518-485-2016