Promotion Resources and Research

document Travel and Environmental Implications of School Siting, Environmental Protection Agency
"Travel and Environmental Implications of School Siting," released by the EPA on October 8, 2003, is the first study to empirically examine the relationship between school locations, the built environment around schools, ...more >
document Environmental Factors Associated with Adults' Participation in Physical Activity., American Journal of Preventive Medicine
This paper provides an overview of the measures that have been used to assess environmental attributes and to review the patterns of environment-behavior associations that have thus far been identified. ...more >
document Maryland Safe Routes to School Guidebook: A Guide for Parents and Communities, Maryland Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee & Maryland Department of Transportation
A comprehensive, 49-page guidebook that introduces the Safe Routes to School program to schools, parents and communities in Maryland and explains how to implement an Safe Routes to School program. ...more >
document School Trip Safety and Urban Play Areas, Federal Highway Administration
The purpose of the School Trip Safety and Urban Play Areas research project was to develop guidelines for the protection of young pedestrians (5 -14 yrs) walking to and from school, entering and leaving school buses, ...more >
document Streets for People: Your Guide to Winning Safer and Quieter Streets, Transportation Alternatives
Streets for Poeple is a tool kit of solutions for traffic problems around New York City, which can be applied elsewhere. The document includes information of crashes, highlights case studies, and reviews a number of traffic calming measures. ...more >
multimedia Bike and Pedestrian Projects: Best Practices in New Jersey and Beyond, Transportation Policy Institute
This presentation shows examples of good pedestrian and bicycle design in New Jersey. It discusses the need for pedestrian and bicycle facilities and the impact that walkable designs have on public health. ...more >
document Take 30, The Rambler's Association
This booklet is a practicle guide to walking to improve health and well being. Topics include statistics on physical activity and health, case studies of walkers, tips for walking with children, a 10- ...more >
web The Cost of Automobile Dependency and the Benefits of Balanced Transportation, Victoria Transport Policy Institute
This paper discusses the current and potential problems with automobile dependent societies. ...more >
web The Economic and Social Benefits of Off-Road Bicycle and Pedestrian Facilities, National Bicycle and Pedestrian Clearinghouse
This article investigates the economic and social benefits of multi-use off-road trails. ...more >
document The Economic Benefits of Trails, American Hiking Society
This fact sheet descirbes the economic benefits of trails. It finds that the presence of trails encourages the growth of "clean" industries and businesses, helps increase the property values of surrounding lots, ...more >