Regional Transportation Agencies

Regional transportation agencies, such as Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) or Rural Planning Organizations (RPOs), represent one or more communities in an area. It is common for these agencies to have an Executive Director and a Board of Directors. The Board of Directors is often comprised of representatives appointed by the various communities under the jurisdiction of the agency. Small, rural areas may not be included in a regional transportation agency. The duties of regional transportation agencies vary, but could include:

  • Develop and implement a Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) with strategies and policies to maintain mobility for all modes of transportation on streets of regional significance
  • Operate and maintain a transportation forecast model (a computer program) to estimate future traffic volumes on streets of regional significance
  • Prepare a fiscally constrained Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP) that includes bicycle, pedestrian, transit, and motorized vehicle-related projects to streets of regional significance
  • Design and construct projects in the TIP, or hire consultants to design and construct projects
  • Operate traffic signals on streets of regional significance, or collaborate with local agencies regarding signal operations
  • Plan, manage and operate regional transit
  • Develop and implement regional land use plans, or collaborate with other agencies in charge of land use planning

The Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) includes regional policies, based on input from entities within the agency's jurisdiction, to address regional pedestrian and bicyclist needs. The RTP is the "big picture" for transportation in the area and usually extends at least 25 years into the future. The Transportation Improvement Plan includes a list of funded projects derived from the RTP to implement during the next 3-5 years.

Ask your local transportation agency if the area you are interested in is within the jurisdiction of a regional transportation agency.