Pedestrian and Bicycle-Related News

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Oklahoma City MAPS out big plans
News OK - 09/18/2009
Pedestrian Master Plan heads to full council
West Seattle Herald - 09/16/2009
City Hall peddles $40-mil. bike path
Chicago Business - 09/14/2009
Volunteers conduct pedestrian and bicycle counts today, Saturday
Citizen Times - 09/08/2021
Birch Hill pedestrian path gets rolling
Newsminer - 08/30/2009
Council says OK to making city more walkable
Albert Lea Tribune - 08/26/2009
Miami 21 promises a more pedestrian friendly city
CBS 4 - 08/05/2021
Minneapolis seeks input on pedestrian plan
Minnesota Public Radio NewsQ - 07/16/2009
Time to clear Sydney CBD of cars: Moore
WA Today - 07/03/2021
Kirkland making walkability a top priority
NW News - 06/30/2009

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