Pedestrian and Bicycle-Related News

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Hall Monitor: A new way to cross the street – diagonally
National Post - 07/23/2008
Google's walking directions debut
WebPro News - 07/22/2008
Pedestrians key to new downtown
The Arizona Republic - 07/22/2008
State seeks public input on bicycling, pedestrian master plan
Shreveport Times - 07/22/2008
Test-walker shows way to explore city
Post-Bulletin - 07/21/2008
Feet give the best, cheapest mileage
The Boston Globe - 07/20/2008
Walkable Portland is no. 10
The Oregonian - 07/18/2008
Workshop aims at making town walker friendly
Telegram & Gazette - 07/17/2008
Streetscaping to improve traffic, pedestrian safety
Maryland Community Newspapers Online - 07/16/2008
Built for safety, greenway now supports economic development
Rapid City Journal - 07/15/2008

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