Pedestrian and Bicycle-Related News

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Urban design turning kids off being active
ABC Science - 04/13/2009
Effort launched to produce major non-motorized plan
Lansing State Journal - 04/05/2021
Portland - overview - 02/16/2009
Seattle pedestrian master plan
Safe Walks blog - 02/15/2009
President issues order encouraging people to walk, bike, and ride the train
Manila Bulletin Online - 02/08/2021
Ontario Communities walkON
Canada Walks - 01/06/2021
Obesity rates lower in nations that bike, walk and use mass transit
Associated Press - 12/15/2008
Portland's low-income neighborhoods are city's 'food deserts'
The Oregonian - 11/15/2008
Activate Asheville seeks to make city healthier
Asheville Citizen-Times - 11/01/2021
Walking advocate offers advice for healthier lifestyle
Longmont Times-Call - 09/17/2008

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