Pedestrian and Bicycle-Related News

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Toronto pedestrian safety campaign nets hundreds of violators
CBC News - 01/29/2010
LAPD cracks down to protect pedestrian safety
Los Angeles News - 01/08/2021
Police wrap up local pedestrian crossing 'stings'
KATU Portland - 12/24/2009
Hong Kong: Territory-wide campaign to promote pedestrian safety
Newswire - 11/06/2021
Police decoys to enforce pedestrian safety law
Shore News Today - 08/05/2021
Police stepping up pedestrian safety
WLFI - 08/04/2021
Madison police enforce traffic rules at cross walks
Channel 3000 - 07/28/2009
Pedestrian safety campaign kicks off
Nevada Appeal - 07/25/2009
Police work to protect pedestrians
Tri-Town News - 07/16/2009
Cops pose as pedestrians for crosswalk safety
San Francisco News ABC Local - 06/11/2021

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