Pedestrian and Bicycle-Related News

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UK to pay for safer roads abroad
BBC News - 11/19/2009
Cell phone use may be walking safety risk
UPI - 11/16/2009
First statewide bicycling summit set
Inside Indiana Business - 10/07/2021
Walking guru suggests ways community can be healthier
Lawrence Journal-World - 10/07/2021
ADOT's 'Be a Roll Model' campaign urges bike/pedestrian safety
Examiner - 10/02/2021
Parkway promotes Virginia Cycling and Pedestrian Awareness Week
Blue Ridge Parkway Guide - 09/14/2009
Pedestrian safety awareness drive from today
Press Trust of India - 08/17/2009
Pedestrian safety awareness campaign in Hawley Borough
Pike County Press - 08/10/2021
City announces bike, pedestrian safety push
Courier Journal - 08/07/2021
Police decoys to enforce pedestrian safety law
Shore News Today - 08/05/2021

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