Pedestrian and Bicycle-Related News

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BMW introduces pedestrian recognition
The Economic Times - 01/22/2009
Euro NCAP to launch new safety star ratings - 01/20/2009
Video: Groundbreaking volvo technology helps drivers avoid accidents with pedestrians - 01/11/2021
Cars share cameras, radar sensors
EE Times - 01/09/2021
Evidence of change: Six months, no fatalities
Las Vegas Sun - 12/28/2008
Portland's low-income neighborhoods are city's 'food deserts'
The Oregonian - 11/15/2008
Dubai plans walkways to reduce car trips
The National - 11/10/2021
Public works projects promoted at hearing
The New York Times - 10/29/2008
City will integrate bikes, trains, buses into mobility needs
Rocky Mountain News - 10/14/2008
Official: Pedestrians safer
Ball State Daily News Online - 10/13/2008

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