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Olympia readies sidewalk plan
The Olympian - 09/15/2007
Web site ranks 'walkability' in N.J.
North Jersey Media Group - 09/14/2007
Pedestrian bridge across Hwy. 36 to open in North St. Paul
Star Tribune - 09/11/2021
Walking guru rates SLC
The Salt Lake Tribune - 09/11/2021
'Street Standards' Plan One Step Closer
Los Angeles Downtown News - 09/10/2021
Walkability called key to public health
Deseret Morning News - 09/10/2021
Exercisers Stuck in Unwalkable Settings
Associated Press - 09/08/2021
Green dream takes major step forward
Aberdeen Journals Ltd - 09/03/2021
Riding a new route
The Register-Guard - 09/02/2021
City Promises $5M in Ped Safety Improvements at Mural Opening
Streetsblog - 08/31/2007

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